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A global research initiative & private events for a community of leaders

  • 2019 research series: What’s next in digital finance?
    We examine the progress the industry has made in digitising financial services, and how it is translating into a smoother customer journey – with a deep dive into Fintech’s next wave as AI, open data and blockchain break down the walls separating financial services from digital utilities.

  • Live launch events
    Join us to contribute to the analysis of fintech winners and hear expert views of where the sector is going next at our next live research launch in London at FinTech Connect on 6 December 2018.

  • Early insights
    Read here what some of the leading institutions and founders identify as trends to prepare for the year ahead.


EMEA 2018 vs. 2017: How can fintechs help banks meet their goals


Open APIs




Data Analytics


Exploring New Business Models



2018 – top row | 2017 – bottom row
Primary fintech opportunities for banks. Source: Fintech Disruptors EMEA 2017 & 2018

Has been both powerful in understanding the digital financial economy and very insightful in the changes that it will bring.”

Paul Thomalla, ACI Worldwide

“DNB wants to emulate the working practices, culture and methodology of successful technology companies and the Nordic Fintech Disruptors Report 2017 provided vital insight.”

Halvor Lande, Head of Innovation, DNB

“Helped position MobilePay as a key player in the Nordic payment landscape and it has even served as a door opener.”

Knut Anders Wangen , Danske Bank, Head of MobilePay


The talented individuals and leading companies that make Fintech Disruptors possible.

Platform for influencing the future  

The event and research form part of a global initiative that is coming into its third year and gearing up to be the most ambitious yet, now spanning Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), the Nordics and Canada.

We believe by combining the research with bespoke invite-only briefings or carefully selected industry events we create a new platform for leaders in the field to excel and network.

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….of banks want to partner with fintechs.

EMEA 2018 How fintechs can help banks meet their goals?

Engaging in partnerships with fintechs 73%
Expanding existing partnerships 54%
Leveraging cloud technology 39%
Buying white-labelled fintech products 33%
Acquiring fintech companies 22%

Fintech Disruptors EMEA 2018

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Fintech Disruptors is a global research initiative that spans some of the greatest minds in fintech.

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