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Fintech. For Good.

Fintech Disruptors is an expanding, global research initiative combining insight from a community of industry leaders with a series of live, launch events and private briefings.

As an organisation, Fintech Disruptors is a passionate advocate for the role, and purpose, of fintech in realising the potential of the digital revolution, through the delivery of progressive banking services that create real economic value, and drive financial inclusion.

At a time of enormous disruption, the research series seeks to provide an objective platform for debate and discussion of the impact of the digital revolution on financial services.

The series of open access reports, survey results, and briefings, are designed to help fintech founders and financial institutions navigate their own path through the digital wave – whether to create new sources of value or transform their businesses. Come join us.

Fintech Disruptors Event

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Our next report launches at Money2020 in Amsterdam in June 2018.

Email us to ask for an invitation.

This year’s series explores fintech’s winners and what defines and determines their success. We look at banks’ progress in adjusting and adapting to the new environment, and take a deep-dive at fintechs’ ability to scale, disrupt or integrate with the wider ecosystem.

If you are not already part of the Disruptor Experts group we would be delighted to have you join us. To do so please register here.

For more details on this year’s research series and how you can contribute please click here or email us at info@magncartacomms.com.

Upcoming Research

Upcoming events

Fintech Disruptors Nordics 2018
Launching in Amsterdam, June 2018
Fintech Disruptors EMEA 2019
London, December 2018