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Latest Interviews

Fintech Disruptors 2018 is a global research initiative that spans some of the greatest minds in fintech. Please find below the 2018 interviews with some of the key players within this space.

Thomas Nielsen, Director, BDO

Present in 162 countries, BDO provides its clients with a single network for audit, tax, advisory and accounting services. They aim to bring original and effective solutions to their customers by challenging themselves and their [...]

Mark Wraa Hansen, Chief Executive Officer, MobilePay

Fintech Disruptors: Since its inception in 2013, MobilePay has seen remarkable growth. Looking back, what are your thoughts on this period? Mark Wraa Hansen: When we launched, there was a defensive element to the [...]

Georg Ludviksson, CEO Meniga

Founded in 2009, Meniga helps financial institutions worldwide utilise their data to personalise their digital channels and enhance customer engagement. The company has grown rapidly in recent years and now serves more than 50 million [...]

Bent Richard Eidem, EVP Danske Bank

Fintech Disruptors: Danske Bank has been closely aligned with developments in fintech as the partner behind MobilePay. I’m wondering what changes you’ve observed in the attitudes of both fintechs and banks over the past year? [...]

Jonas Lagerstedt, Head of the Fintech Office, Swedbank

Fintech Disruptors: Swedbank has brought its financial technologies, AI and digitisation efforts under your leadership and coordination in their fintech Office. From your perspective in a major bank, what changes have you seen in [...]

Michael Rouse, Chief Commercial Officer at Klarna

Fintech Disruptors: Klarna was established in 2005, just before the e-Commerce revolution took off in earnest. Since that time, you’ve enjoyed remarkable success as a company. Can you identify the factors that have helped [...]