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Latest Interviews

Fintech Disruptors 2018 is a global research initiative that spans some of the greatest minds in fintech. Please find below the 2018 interviews with some of the key players within this space.

Yoni Arbel, Head of Treasury Team, TransferWise

Fintech Disruptors:  Growing from two friends recognising a simple problem to 800 people in seven countries, how does TransferWise view its success over the 6 years since launch? Yoni Arbel: Success is a moving [...]

Eugene Danilkis, Founder Mambu

Fintech Disruptors: Who’s going to win the digital finance race? Eugene Danilkis: My take on what success takes is people view this in a binary way – partly there’s a hype-cycle funded by VCs [...]

Angelique Mohring, CEO, GainX

Fintech Disruptors: What has changed since 2012? Angelique Mohring: Digital disruption is driving change at a rate that no-one has predicted and it is forcing huge scale transformation. We already know that 30% of [...]

Todd Latham, CMO and Head of Product, Currency Cloud

Fintech Disruptors: What does success look like for Currency Cloud? Todd Latham: Success in digital finance would appear to be somewhat of a moving feast. For Currencycloud success at this juncture is about building [...]

Ilkka Korkiakoski, VP Transaction Banking, Tieto

Fintech Disruptors: What are the dominant themes and growth trends in financial technology today? Ilkka Korkiakoski: Instant, real-time payment will change the payment landscape. We are noticing fintech companies entering those areas where friction [...]

Tamaz Georgadze, Founder & CEO, Raisin

Fintech Disruptors: Raisin clearly set out with a strategy to be in multiple countries very quickly what did it take to achieve that and what’s changed now that you’re more established? Tamaz Georgadze: The [...]