Brexit leading to increased focus on contingency planning in the fintech sector

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A recent survey ‘The Fintech Disruptors Report 2018’ - reveals that Brexit is leading to increased focus on contingency planning in the fintech sector. The survey ‘The Fintech Disruptors Report 2018’ included 25 in-depth interviews with senior executives from fintechs and financial institutions, supplemented by an opinion survey of [...]

Georg Ludviksson, CEO Meniga

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Founded in 2009, Meniga helps financial institutions worldwide utilise their data to personalise their digital channels and enhance customer engagement. The company has grown rapidly in recent years and now serves more than 50 million digital banking users in 23 markets across Europe, North America, Asia and Africa. Fintech Disruptors: Georg, [...]

Bent Richard Eidem, EVP Danske Bank

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Fintech Disruptors: Danske Bank has been closely aligned with developments in fintech as the partner behind MobilePay. I’m wondering what changes you’ve observed in the attitudes of both fintechs and banks over the past year? Bent Richard Eidem: I’ve witnessed changes in the attitudes of both banks and fintech firms [...]

Great Expectations for fintech?

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Simon Hardie, Partner at Magna Carta, reviews some findings from the 2018 Fintech Disruptors Report and outlines what to expect from fintech in the year ahead. In 1997, the notorious British media tycoon Richard Desmond declared that the internet would have little to no effect on the way newspapers [...]

Jonas Lagerstedt, Head of the Fintech Office, Swedbank

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Fintech Disruptors: Swedbank has brought its financial technologies, AI and digitisation efforts under your leadership and coordination in their fintech Office. From your perspective in a major bank, what changes have you seen in the last year? Jonas Lagerstedt: I think the traditional banking sector has matured remarkably, especially in [...]

Michael Rouse, Chief Commercial Officer at Klarna

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Fintech Disruptors: Klarna was established in 2005, just before the e-Commerce revolution took off in earnest. Since that time, you’ve enjoyed remarkable success as a company. Can you identify the factors that have helped to make the company so successful? Michael Rouse: Being founded in Sweden was a great test-bed [...]

Yoni Arbel, Head of Treasury Team, TransferWise

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Fintech Disruptors:  Growing from two friends recognising a simple problem to 800 people in seven countries, how does TransferWise view its success over the 6 years since launch? Yoni Arbel: Success is a moving feast and it’s important to look at the present separately from the future. We save [...]

Eugene Danilkis, Founder Mambu

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Fintech Disruptors: Who’s going to win the digital finance race? Eugene Danilkis: My take on what success takes is people view this in a binary way – partly there’s a hype-cycle funded by VCs and propelled by press. The story at the high level was that only one side [...]

Angelique Mohring, CEO, GainX

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Fintech Disruptors: What has changed since 2012? Angelique Mohring: Digital disruption is driving change at a rate that no-one has predicted and it is forcing huge scale transformation. We already know that 30% of jobs will be lost due to automation, AI and machine learning, and organisations are grappling [...]