Todd Latham, CMO and Head of Product, Currency Cloud

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Fintech Disruptors: What does success look like for Currency Cloud? Todd Latham: Success in digital finance would appear to be somewhat of a moving feast. For Currencycloud success at this juncture is about building a global organisation serving millions of people and enabling them to benefit from our services [...]

Ilkka Korkiakoski, VP Transaction Banking, Tieto

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Fintech Disruptors: What are the dominant themes and growth trends in financial technology today? Ilkka Korkiakoski: Instant, real-time payment will change the payment landscape. We are noticing fintech companies entering those areas where friction appears in the value chain and the customer experience is not ideal. Open banking and [...]

Tamaz Georgadze, Founder & CEO, Raisin

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Fintech Disruptors: Raisin clearly set out with a strategy to be in multiple countries very quickly what did it take to achieve that and what’s changed now that you’re more established? Tamaz Georgadze: The key for us from the  beginning has been engagement with banks. Our product is only [...]

Guy Talmi, Chief Marketing Officer, PayKey

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Fintech Disruptors: With a live customer in almost every region in the two years since launch what do you feel are the ingredients to PayKey’s success so far? Guy Talmi: We’re playing in possibly the most aggressive arena in consumer marketing - social - and we’ve positioned ourselves firmly [...]