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Now in its fifth year, the Fintech Disruptors research and briefing series combines insights from interviews with fintech’s leading practitioners and industry-wide surveys of the financial services marketplace.

Our latest research, launched 5 June 2019 after Money2020 in Amsterdam, is The Nordic Fintech Manifesto.

As the first fintech wave passes, the progress that has been made so far is at risk of stalling. And so, as 2020 approaches – this year’s report is more of a manifesto: setting out a vision for how the region can fully realise its strengths and be ready to take advantage of a new era of integrated, digital finance.

As ever, the report is a comprehensive review of the current position and future trends in Nordic and Baltic fintech. It is the result of extensive interviews with banks, fintechs, regulators, accelerators and leading innovators, alongside the results of an industry-wide survey.

But it is also a call to arms. For banks, for regulators, for public bodies. And for fintechs themselves. The Nordic and Baltic regions are ideally placed to outperform peers, particularly in Europe, but only if its constituent parts can focus and work together.


In the coming months we’ll be adding fresh content, including transcripts from interviews with banking and fintech interviews, infographics and survey data.

Check back soon as the Fintech Disruptors channel evolves or email us at if you’d like to put forward a member of your organisation for the next round of interviews.

Denise Gee, Susanne Hannestad and Simon Hardie

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The Nordic Fintech Manifesto – To 2020 and beyond

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Start from here: understand the Northern powerhouse

No manifesto can ignore the circumstances in which it is launched. And the circumstances for Nordic fintech are strong.

The foundations have been laid and have proved a solid and steady base to date.

The seven biggest Nordic banks have a combined balance sheet of more than €2 trillion; of total investment in the region, the greatest proportion goes to fintechs; and in the first quarter of 2019, the total amount of capital raised by fintechs had already reached €162.8 million ($181.8 million).

Dig deeper: what and where are the remaining challenges?

As with every beautiful picture there are areas of shade and darkness. Challenges remain in the Nordics. Not least the thorny issue of the relationship between fintechs and financial institutions.

If the Nordic and Baltic regions are to build on their claim to being a major fintech hub, these challenges must be understood, overcome and prevented from spreading.

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Open talks: a virtuous circle requires communication

How to overcome challenges without compromising the strengths of the region? All the components are there to create a self-reinforcing ecosystem where talent, funding and innovation find their natural homes.

It may be tempting to simply carry on as before, and hope that self-confidence and a bit of swagger work their self-perpetuating magic. But magic is famously unreliable, and so a more strategic effort is required to allow entrepreneurship and cooperation to bloom and alliances to blossom.