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The Nordic Fintech Manifesto – To 2020 and beyond

Open talks: a virtuous circle requires communication

How to overcome challenges without compromising the strengths of the region? All the components are there to create a self-reinforcing ecosystem where talent, funding and innovation find their natural homes.

It may be tempting to simply carry on as before, and hope that self-confidence and a bit of swagger work their self-perpetuating magic. But magic is famously unreliable, and so a more strategic effort is required to allow entrepreneurship and cooperation to bloom and alliances to blossom.

Government bodies, industry regulators, academia and research institutes all have a role to play alongside businesses, banks and investors if the potential for mutual benefit is to be realised.

This then is the Nordic Fintech Manifesto. It is based on a single premise: join up, connect and interconnect the various independent, and occasionally isolated, islands of fintech innovation so that the region becomes far greater than the sum of its parts.

To put it more succinctly: collaboration is the new innovation.


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